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Planning Resources

Planning Resources

A successful study abroad experience takes planning. Here are important factors to consider:

When to go: Semester vs. Academic Year vs. Summer

Study abroad program range in length from a few weeks up to a full year. All options have their advantages. What program length works best for your academic, personal, and professional goals?


Most students choose to do a semester long program during sophomore or junior year. You should meet with your academic advisor when choosing which semester to study abroad to make sure you don’t miss any important classes for your major here on campus. This program length is long enough to become immersed in your host culture, but not so long that you feel like you are missing too much of your life at Wooster.

Academic Year

A longer study abroad experience is ideal for language acquisition and/or deep immersion into the host culture or area of study. Students who choose to participate on one study abroad program for a full academic year will need to start planning early to ensure they can fulfill all of their requirements toward graduation. If a student chooses to do two different semester long study abroad programs they will not receive financial aid for the second program.


Summer programs range from 2-10 weeks. If fitting a semester or year-long program into your schedule isn’t possible, a summer program is a great option for an introduction to living abroad. There is no financial aid available from Wooster for summer programs except for summer TREK programs. Scholarships may be available through the program provider.

How to go (in-person or virtual)

Study abroad programs had to rethink their programming during the COVID-19 global pandemic, and many started offering virtual experiences. While it may seem strange to think about studying abroad from the comfort of your own home, the virtual aspect created many new possibilities for connecting with people across the world. Visa restrictions are not as strict, so interning with an international organization is more possible than ever! Taking courses with world-renowned professors is also a possibility.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, consider a virtual study abroad opportunity. 

Pre-Departure Activities 

Attend the mandatory Global Engagement Pre-Departure Orientation Session. Date and time will be communicated via email

Attend the optional pre-departure meetings. Topics may include: First-time Travelers, Budgeting, Women Abroad, Culture Shock, etc.