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Types of Programs

 GEO offers many different types of programs that will help you meet different personal, professional, and academic goals. All of them have their advantages, so it is up to you to decide which program type best suits your needs.

Third Party

Most GEO programs are third-party provider programs, which means the programs are offered through study abroad and international organizations such as AIFS, API, Arcadia, DIS, IES, IFSA, and SIT. Within this program type, there are several variations:

Direct Enroll

You will directly enroll into a university abroad with very few limitations on what subjects you can study. You will be fully immersed into the university life of your given city and country. Housing will be in student dormitories or apartments. These programs are great options for independent learners.


Hybrid programs combine special courses for study abroad students with courses at a host university, giving you the opportunity to take some courses with other study abroad students and some with students from the host culture. These programs typically focus on learning the language and culture of the host country. Housing varies from host families, to dorms, to apartments. This option is good for students who are looking for a degree of immersion, but still seek some guidance and structure from a program.


Several of our programs offer a research component. Some programs will offer research with professors; on other programs you’ll devise your own independent research project. These programs are great options for students who love conducting research or would like some practice before their Independent Study. Some students even organize their research abroad to contribute to their Wooster Independent Study.

Internships and/or Service Learning

These programs combine regular course work with an internship or service learning project. Typically, you will take a seminar focused on your internship or service project to help you reflect on what you are learning and doing in a cross-cultural context. This is a great option if you are looking for work experience in a new culture!


An exchange program involves directly registering in one of Wooster’s partner universities for a semester. You will still pay your tuition, room and board to Wooster, so the cost of an exchange program is not very different than spending a semester at Wooster. We currently have two exchange programs: International Christian University in Tokyo, Japan, and Ashesi University in Accra, Ghana.

TREK Programs

These programs are led by Wooster faculty and vary by theme and location. The time spent abroad on a TREK program varies from 2-6 weeks, and TREK offerings change each academic year. They are offered over school breaks (Winter, Spring, or Summer).